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 The ground The address:Jingjiang economic development zone in jiangsu province. Taking the industrial park
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 The electricity Words:0523-84633383 / 84633223
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 Mail Box:sales@nanchengwang.com.cn
TGZZSeries vibrating fluidized bed drier
TGQGSeries、TGFGSeries air drier
TGZCSeries belt conveyor through drying machine
TGJRFSeries of coal-fired hot blast stove
TGDWSeries single belt drying machine
TGJRFYSeries of fuel、Gas wind furnace
TGZBSeries of titanium dioxide special belt drier
TGBLMPulse bag filter
TGZPLA series of high speed centrifugal spray drier
TGXFSeries of boiling drier
TGZPYSeries Pressure spray dryer
TGSZGSeries Double cone rotating vacuum drying machine
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Pay attention to long-term interests,Refused to short-term behavior,
Maintain composed of a win-win relationship between commercial ecological system,
Go to great lengths to provide customers with excellent products and considerate service for life。
We believe in customer first business ethics...

Site map The main products:TGZZSeries vibrating fluidized bed drier|TGJRFSeries of coal-fired hot blast stove|TGXFSeries of boiling drier|TGZCSeries belt conveyor through drying machine|TGDWSeries single belt drying machine|TGBLMPulse bag filter|TGSZSeries of spin flash dryer|MSG drier
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