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    The basis of linhai city chemical plant

      The basis of linhai city, zhejiang province of chemical plantIs located in national pharmaceutical chemical API base——Linhai city Du Qiao coastal town medical park,Facing the vast east China sea,Is one specialized is engaged in the medicine, and other organic chemical intermediates production manufacturers。The factory covers an area of30m,Public facilities,Strong technical force,Advanced testing instruments,Has a strong product development ability and good enterprise's management level。

      Hangzhou HuiNuo pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. Is the basis of linhai city, zhejiang province chemical plant of cooperative enterprises,Is a company engaged in generic technology research and development technology。The company since the establishment of the initial setting up product research and development center,Dedicated to research and development of new products,Provide technical support for the factory。At this stage.......

  • The ground The address:Linhai city, zhejiang province Du Qiao medical park
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