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Zhangzhou xu source trade co., LTD. Is specialized laboratory equipment instrument,Glass instruments,Experimental material,Chemical reagent,Chemical raw materials,Microbiological culture media,Food additives。Since the company since its establishment,Always adhere to“The good faith、Professional、Focus”The entrepreneurial idea,To customer demand as the guidance,On the basis of quality service,Wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide products and services of the high sexual price。The company's products is complete,A wide variety,For the general customers to provide laboratory equipment instrument,Chemical raw materials one-stop shopping。The laboratoryQSThe equipment instrument,Analysis instrument,Optical instruments,Glass instruments。Chemical reagent((3) in the west,National medicine)。Chemical raw materials,Chemical raw materials,Electroplating raw materials,Paint raw materials,Washing raw materials,Dyeing and printing materials。Chemical solvents,Thinner,Turpentine oil,Days that water,Polyester diluent。Banana oil,Porcelain detergents。Water treatment materials,Water treatment agent。Food additives。Microbiological culture media(Beijing land bridge,Guangdong ring kay)。Zhangzhou xu source trading company is not only a simple product offers,But the product、Applications and services in one of the solutions。Laboratory system is more
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